Planning to EXPAND your corporate visibility into Asia Pacific market? 
Planning  to
REDUCE overhead and cost of getting into Asia Pacific market? 
Planning to
ESTABLISH a representative office in Asia Pacific region?

Business Development Outsourcing (BDO) is the answer to achieve these goals.

Remove Initial set-up cost: Success in sale should not require complicated employee contracts, overhead expenses, such as recruiting, payroll, insurance, office set up, equipment. TrendyMix will eliminate any initial set-up cost by providing an immediate representation for foreign companies in Asia Pacific.

Reduce the cost of sales: If an organization looks at the true cost of building, supporting and managing a sales force they would be surprised. Many companies can not tell you what the true Cost of Sales really is. Our Sales Outsourcing service offers clients a fixed cost of sales solution.

Eliminate language and local cultural barriers: Making direct contact with the local client in Asia Pacific could be daunting task both due to the language barrier and cultural differences. This could result in misunderstanding and finally in business loss. We will provide you with a clear interface to client in Asia Pacific.

TrendyMix is your GATEWAY to Asia Pacific market